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Monday, February 7, 2011


It was Thursday – the day mom had been waiting for since long. It was her cousin sister in law’s, son’s wedding. Mum and dad were close to her, and hence the excitement. But, my relation with her, just like my relation with most of our relatives, was limited to hello’s and hi’s. I am never too eager to attend my far off relatives marriage’s for two simple reasons. One: for me, these people belonged to a different world all together. They were just concerned about dowry, jewellery, status, and piles of other materialistic things.  And, two : Because I could never figure out, whom to call whom – as, in loads of chacha’s, maama’s, taaya’s, bua’s, at the same place, and I had absolutely no clue, who was who. I chose the safe way, instead, and called them, uncle’s and aunty’s. 

So, it was their son, Sameer’s wedding. The name sounds good, isn’t it ? But, believe me, only the name was! I remembered him as a child. He was huge ! Always hungry, and ready to eat almost everything that came in front of him. I still remember comparing his looks to Bappi lahiri, as a child. I couldn’t imagine, him being slim, now. But, I was told, that his wife to be, was really beautiful, and in his mother’s language, she looked like Katrina kaif. Wow, a Bappi lahiri for a Katrina kaif. What a superb Jodi, I thought. I got ready for the wedding and wore a light blue Patiala salwaar suit, the only patiala suit that I had, which was kept for occasions like, today! I straightened my hair, and  put on small earings. I liked to keep it simple. And there I was, all ready! 

As a child, I liked marriages for two reasons – The music and the food.  Now, of course, seeing well dressed guys around, also added to the list! So, when we reached, out of habit, I was rushing towards the food counter, to hit on the food, when a relative, stopped us. ‘’hey bhagwaan! Kitni lambi hogai hai teri beti ! Isko bol, bas kare ab, nahi toh koi larhka nahi milega shaadi ke lie! ’’ This women blabbered out of forced love.  Wow, Such a lovely way to start a conversation, I thought. The two ladies began talking, while I observed the people around. A cute guy, was kind of checking me out! I had lots of things to eat, like paneer pakode, dosa, chaat, manchurian, and  much more stuff. Yes, you can call me a petu, But thats how I am. Not concerned a bit, about the calorie intake ! So, thereafter, we guys sat , and the varanmaala ceremony started. I was right, Sameer still looked the same- UGLY! While the poor girl, was actually gorgeous. I almost imagined Sameer squeezing her up in their first night. I controlled my laugh as well as my thoughts! I overheard someone say, that my bua’s family had rejected a girl, before, because she was not too fair. And, now, they were so ‘lucky’ that they got this pretty girl as their bahu. I felt weird. I felt bad for this girl. She seemed nice.

 It was for the first time, perhaps, when I was getting closer to the rituals being performed. I felt a kind of connect, there, which I didn’t feel , ever before. May be, I was realising, that even I will pass through this day. The DJ guy, played a senti song, ‘Baabul ghar jaana hai’ , while the girl put on the varanmaala on sameer, because of which she started crying. Something struck my throat. Damn! I had tears in my eyes, too. I cleaned them up quickly, so that no one could notice. I looked around, to make sure that no one had seen me crying, and I was shocked to see that even my dad had moist eyes. What could he have been imagining? Was he thinking, that I too, will have to go, this way, someday. I felt the pain, each time, the bride, hugged her parents.  What was this feeling?? May be, I had really grown up. 

We got back to our car, and all this while, all I thought about was marriage. I will never have an arrange marriage, I thought. I didn’t want to end up with someone like Sameer. Eew !  I couldn’t even imagine being close to such a person. And, then marriage was about the oneness of two souls. But, then I had to find a really tall life partner myself! I just wish kahin un aunty ki baat sach naa hojaye! 


ankit said...

hahaha...i can picturize each n every word... its so nice... as always.. :)

surbhi said...

isha... I lykd the theme.. Bt the things i dint lyk were u cald smone ugly... I know wat hapnd wid dat grl was bad...n the rejectn of grl jus coz she was nt fair was bad bt still eeww shud nt b used for a persn... Problm is same even today a boy can get a perfect match if hes nt handsm...bt a grl cant.. I want every girl to fyt for herself.. All the best ..:) i jus wana ask ppl is we cal education...?? change urself or ur daughtrs can also suffr from same... Isha god bless u..:)

sanamdilse said...

so finalllyyyyy Grown Up(reallyy!) IJ thought of her readers/followers ! the wait is Over..... Here we have another delightful blog from the awesome blogger... IJ [Ma(u got dat ) of bolggers... :)
Yes yes you will find a tall handsome n good looking guy , the tall beautiful ij...! (aunty ke muh me bitter cough syrup..)
Poor girls... Lucky guy...!
Thumbs Up..
When is the next blog coming.. Heheh :)
God bless you... Keep up the awesome work..! :*

Sadia said...

Isha..it was good..nicely written..
but i also thought u were rude sometime...as said by Surbhi..
end was perfect..even i cry when i think i have to marry off my darling daughter some day...coz i cant imagine my life without her...but thats life..
i hope the system, society and people mindset changes..and they finally start giving rights and respect to girls too..
And dont worry dear..u'll get a nice, tall and handsome guy...
all the best for ur life..luv u :)

abs09 said...

Descriptive till emotions!
Nice window to hw a girl thinks! ;)

luv walia said...

nice one isha .. i liked it so much .. and u wr'nt rude .. it ws just that u wrote your heart out .. cool chickaa .. stay blessed.. and keep writting more and even more .